Sunday, March 1, 2009

Brick by brick

First things first, thanks to all who have donated so far. I have raised close to $2,5oo and am in second place in fundraising on my team (and no I am not competitive but lets face it, I want to be first)!!

If you have not donated yet and still want that tax break here is my fundraising website:

This week was a little rough. Bri and I were missing sushi, so on Monday before my swim we went out for sushi. It was apparently bad seeing as we both ended up sick at the same exact time. Needless to say I did not make it to the pool in fear of contaminating it. No 29 year old wants to be the cause of a pool closing down.

The rest of the week was pretty much brutal workouts cause I felt pretty crappy but I am on the mend now.

I got to really prove my athleticism and play in a school basketball game against the kids. It was rather comical, and I am well aware that I have to play disabled kids to have an even slightly upper hand. I am okay with it and look forward to not throwing the game this week and winning. hahahah

Saturdays workout was my first real "brick" with the team. This basically means two sports back to back. It was a recovery week so we rode about 22 miles from the UCSD campus by La Jolla, and up the pacific coast highway to Encinitas. It was a beautiful ride along the ocean and the temps were around 80 by the end. It was a bit hot and I only put sunblock on my face and arms so my legs look ridiculous. The end of our ride was the Torrey Pines hill, which is a very long climb, that took what felt like a half hour to get up. It is a great strength workout, and from what i'm told the worst hill on my triathlon course is only about a third as long as Torrey Pines so I should be prepared for that.

I of course got back almost last, but whatever. I found someone to "run" with me, if you can call it that. I really need to get my nutritio during the race down. I felt really awful with cramps once the bike was done and really hate gatorade. I may try to contact a nutritionist to see if I can get some help with that because this event is going to take me about 8 or more hours and I need to figure out how to get nutrition in if I want to finish it. We only had to run for 20 minutes, but it was a long and slow 20 minutes. Its still early in the training season so it should only get easier from here. I am definately feeling like I am biking more efficiently though. I may be slow but I am keeping a 90rpm pretty much the whole ride which is a good place to be.

Since it was almost 85 yesterday and felt like summer, we took the dog to the beach and I tried to even out my terrible bike shorts tan line.

We discovered a new bar in our neighborhood with some friends last night so we are psyched about that. They serve high class tater tots, what could be better than that?! I got pretty drunk off about two glasses of wine last night, and i'm pretty sure I propositioned our gay waiter to be my gay husband. hmmmn, going to have to stay away from that restaurant for a little bit.

Bri being the wonderful husband that he is, booked a great bus for me for my 30th and it is going to take us and 30 people to the wine vineyards in Temecula which is about an hour away. It is on a Saturday afternoon after a workout so I should be a really good time.....

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