Saturday, March 7, 2009

Perms are so in

So this week was a great week for training. Monday I went for a run through the canyons at the house, about 45 minutes or so. Feel good so far, no major aches and pains. On Tuesday I returned to the personal training place that I had to forgo the week before. This week we started out by doing our strength circuit training, and then spinning. I definatley liked this order alot more. And for once I was actually able to semi keep up. I was able to get my sprints up to 130 rpm (that is rotations per minute), granted I could only sustain that for about 10 seconds, but still I got there which I have not been able to do as of yet. Anyways I felt good and did not get yelled at by the trainer any more than anyone else. YAY! (caption: I woke up from my nap to come swim!)
Wednesday night was our team swim. It was rather annoying because there are water polo teams there now, so about 100 of us have to split 8 lanes.
(caption: The pool before it is filled with teammates and ballers)
That basically meant that after ever lap I had to tread water for about 10 seconds waiting for the people in front of me to go. It really stinks, but I think that from now on I will pay to go to a nearby pool so I can actually get a continuous swim. We are up to about 2250 yards swimming, I really have no idea how long that is but I am told over a mile.
Thursday I was still feeling the burn on my legs, but managed to make it out for another run through the canyons. Friday I took off, I was feeling my IT bands get pretty tight this week so I have to be so careful not to get flareups this early on in training. It is inevitable that I will get some sort of injury but I'd like to see how long I can go without one.

This morning I got up at 6 and got ready for the days workout. I drove up to Carmel Valley which is right next to La Jolla. We rode north for a bit then headed east into the Rancho Santa Fe area. There were TONS of bikers out there today. I seriously think that the biker groups are more dangerous than cars. They ride about 100 people, and you just kind of hear a buzz like a bee is near. And then they swarm by and don't bother to give you a nice "on your left" so that you can prepare. Can't stand these guys, in fact I yelled out "showoffs!" at one point. I'm sure they didn't even hear me cause by the time it came out of my mouth they were 100 yards away.
(caption: Taken during our Saturday ride)
So this area of San Diego was just gorgeous. Lots of rolling hills and beautiful farms and homes. Loved it, except for my chain falling out, and losing my water bottle on one of the hills. I had to go back for my water bottle cause I needed all the liquids I could get. I lost the group I was riding with due to my chain and water bottle debackle, so I called my coach at one point cause I had no idea where I was going. Luckily some teammates were not too far behind so I rode with them the rest of the way and they made sure I knew where I was going. Very helpful. We rode back west towards the pacific highway and ended up in Carlsbad. This was actually familiar to me cause it was my half marathon route that I did a few months ago. So the ride from there was along the ocean once again and I was feeling pretty good today so I enjoyed it more so than last week. I tried to eat some peanut butter and jelly on the ride, but really only ate one quarter of it, and then swallowed down two gu's. Apparently I should have consumed about 500 more calories than I did. It is definately taking some practice on how to fuel for this ride. Each weekend I am going to try to perfect my intake. I found my stomach growling towards the end of the ride, and it was brutal because it is down a long stretch that is COVERED with yummy restaurants. We were instructed to spin our legs out really fast towards the end, and to stretch out a bit while still on the bike. It will help to get our legs ready for the run. It gets all the lactic acid out of your legs. I threw the bike back into the car, and took off running. We were also instructed to do a "triathlete shuffle" for our whole run. This is not too much of a stretch for me cause that is pretty much how I run all the time. But anyhoo it felt alot more comfortable this week than last week.
As I got home I realized that I am going to have to do something about my bike seat. There were a few moments along the way that I felt like I had just been sexually violated by my bike seat. There has also been some uncomfortable chaffing, so I gotta figure something out. Tomorrow was supposed to be our first open water swim in the ocean but not everybody got their wetsuits in time so it was officially called off. However, the team is meeting unofficially. We are going to brunch with some friends and their parents so that may not happen for me, but if I am back in the area in time I will check it out. I will be running tomorrow regardless. And back to the grind to do it all over again!

Since this blog does have Brian's name on it as well, I will share a Bri story with y'all (sorry I am watching Paula Dean right now).
So Bri was smoking our pizza the other night in the green egg, when all of a sudden, I hear a little shriek! Bri came running in and I immediately recognized the smell. You see, many years ago at Kingston Terrace my brother and I were trying to get the fireplace going really well. So he threw some kerosene oil in it, and it backfired and singed off all of his hair.
Well, it smelt just like that. Bri opened it up too fast and the flame blew up at him and singed off his eyebrows, eyelashes and the front of his hair. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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