Sunday, March 22, 2009

Old Balls

This week was pretty much a wash workout wise. Monday I ran, Tuesday I was sick and slept silly and had neck and back spasms for a few days. I went to the swim anyways on Wednesday and tried out my wetsuit in the pool and it was much more comfortable than Sundays swim in the ocean. Thursday Bri and I went to do our taxes (no I don't want to talk about it), and lets just say that we are taking a bigtime hit. Okay so then I ran Friday. Just wanted to get that out of the way before I post the real fun stuff. I ended up skipping my Saturday workout because I wanted to be primed for my birthday!

Yesterday was my 30th bday celebration. My wonderful husband rented a crazy limo bus for me and 20 friends and we hit up the vineyards in Temecula. We met at our house and Bri cooked a whole bunch of food, shocker I know.

Before boarding the bus we had to hear the one rule for the day from the busdriver. NO PUKING ON THE BUS or a $1000 fine. I was a little bit nervous about that but thankfully nobody puked! Wow we are so responsible......NOT REALLY!

We went to Southcoast Vineyard first, and what do I see when we walk in? A giant gold plated bear. So what would any silly girl who had already drank a bottle of champagne do? She would try to jump on it! So that is what I did. Turns out the bear is not heavy and is hollow and not bolted down, so that ended badly. Clearly I was not making any friends at this place! The wine tastings were pretty cool, you pay something like ten bucks and you get 5 tastings. We boarded the bus and went to our next and final vineyard. It was on a horse ranch, can't recall the name (yeah exactly), but it was very fun. We got there and went into the tent where they had a guy singing. I made a special request and grabbed the microphone from him as we san George Michael's "I want your sex." Bri slipped me a $20 and made me pay the guy for harassing him. That was probably a very good call. It was here that I had such a special moment with a horse. We connected on a very spiritual level, and then I fed her some wine. Probably not a good idea. Very frowned upon. Oh well! We boarded the bus to go back home. It was as nuts as you would imagine 20 people who have been wine tasting for hours to be. The pictures will give you a bit of an idea. And a party wouldn't be a party without a one piece suit! The purple suit came out a little later on.

I hoisted myself to have some special hangout time with our driver Ferris.

Yes that is my boss underneath me. needless to say, I love my job!

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Kim said...

i dont even know what to say. my birthday pales in comparison to that shitshow! happy birthday jodi!