Sunday, November 21, 2010

justice for all

all i have to say is if you are not from the boston area you are missing out. yesterday the news ran a bit all day that made me so very happy.

it was of a woman at a convenient store, she was in line and just all of a sudden drops her pants and tinkles on the floor. gets back up and pays for her stuff.

it was awesome. she is obviously not a triathlete cause she would have just leaned to one side and peed down her leg!

the store released their surveillance video for "justice."


Other than that bri and i have pretty much been like an infirmary here all week/end. we have now had to sleep in two different rooms for two nights now because neither of us were sleeping with all the snoring/coughing going on. pretty sad. i think we have been sick more in the two months we've been back than the entire time in san diego. i think i just have to get used to the allergies and heat being on and what not. fun times!

i have discovered the netipot which i have been doing like any chance i can get. although today i am super stuffed up so it all went down my throat and i pretty much puked it up. fun stuff!

all i know is if you want to make it onto the news, pee on a floor and act like its normal

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