Wednesday, November 17, 2010

not my first rodeo

I'd like to say this has never happened to me but it has....multiple times.

I was at the studio in between getting my haircut and highlighted (could have had a child in the amount of time since my last haircut) and seeing clients. My space is done but everything else is still under construction as are the bathrooms. Since there are lots of construction guys I can only assume that the womens room is probably the room where the guys drop a deuce, leaving the mens room for a quick number one. However there is rarely anything to wipe with so I bring my own tp. I think they must be wiping with sand paper...

Okay so I went to the bathroom and yes women do shit, and if you are new to this site then you should be lucky that I am not fully describing this said shit. THANK GOD it was a normal BM or things could have gotten really ugly. Anyways I go, I wipe, I flush and the water just filled up. Now I should have known better but whats a girl to do at this point when there are only men using this facility? leave my brown friends floating in the toilet? NOPE I flushed again BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG mistake. The feared water rising happened and I quickly turned the water off (glad I learned that one) and grabbed the mop that was in there and started mopping. Thank god the poops did not float out cause thats happened before. I'd like to say I have matured cause the last time this happened I threw some paper towels down, closed the door and pretended it wasn't me.

This time I decided to yes close the door, but to call the contractor to let him know what he was walking into. I am sure he was amused. I would like to say that I was lady enough to drop in some "easy drops" before pooping. This stuff is genius. you drop a little of the oil in the bowl before you poop and no matter what happens in there it smells divine! It has been tested quite a bit. As I said to the contractor it was not my first rodeo with a crazy toilet and I am sure it won't be my last!


HEATHER @ runfastermommy! said...

OMG I laughed at this entire post (sorry) and then had a panic moment...I do not know how to turn off the toilet water. What if this ever happens to me? haha!

AM-GoalsfortheWeek said...

Hi there!;-)

oy dios mio. sorry! isn't the nob behind the base of the toilet? right?...gonna go check...;-)

JBM said...

its usually towards the bottom its a little lever and just turn til water stops pouring out!