Tuesday, November 9, 2010

outta my head

so I think that perhaps some of the stress of starting a new business up may be hitting me a bit. i have had a migraine for about 2 days now and the only medicine that helps makes me want to vom all over the place. pretty awesome. i do however think it is a result of tmj which i have not really had any issues with since i got myself all riled up around the vineman tri. i have had random twinges of pain in my face and ear area which is typically how it starts for me. oh and my shoulders and neck are super tight! man i miss my masseus!

whatevs. as the dr told me a year ago "find some namaste" so that is what i am going to do! and fortunately i can do it with one of my fav's from san diego! our friend from our tri team flew out last night and is here a few days so i am very excited. we are going to eat our way through boston pending that i do not hurl all over the place.

the rain is not helping. its not helping ANYBODY. especially when i went to the studio yesterday to let the mirror guy in and saw that yet again it rained inside the studio again. the puddles are back. son of a gun. so thank god i told them i needed the place done in november because i would likely have been screwed if this were all happening in december. as of now my machines get here december 1, training will be december 7-10 and i hope to open on 12-11-10! cool date if i do say so myself. not going to waste anytime!

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