Saturday, January 1, 2011


I really am a terrible blogger as of late. Come to find out opening your own business makes one extremely busy. The funny thing about the New Year is it causes you to look back at the year and take it all in for all its guts and glory. This year had a whole lot of ups, and some fun downs that make you want to throw your arms up and pretend you are on a rollercoaster.

One things for sure I did not think we would be back on the east coast this year but life happens and you gotta ROLL WITH IT!

Highlights of 2010:
-Began with the Rose Bowl with our friends and cheering O-H-I-O to a victory (sorry bri).
-shortly thereafter we started many swims in the pacific ocean training for the Lavaman tri.
-training in general was a blast, i had bri by my side for this one and so many fun teammates and an unreal coach from whom i learned so many lessons from.
-in march we got to go to Hawaii and race together and again raise a ton of money for the LLS. We also got to race along and then get extremely intoxicated with world class triathletes.
-then a bunch of weddings happened, which meant alot of travelling.
-the stress of all that hit me and resulted in some stomach "issues" and my first colonoscopy also known as "the coolest shit i ever took." and a day spent high as a kite. Luckily everything the dr's thought was not true and since then I have been ALOT better (no more poopy stories for ya folks!)
-had my first primetime debut on network television but was TOTALLY jipped but still fun nonetheless.
-shortly after we made the decision to move back east and to start my own business. which meant ROAD TRIP!

I guess in just a year it was quite alot. A welcomed change that I am so thankful for. And now here we are ringing in 1-1-11 with snow on the ground, living across the street from our old place and just a slight headache because I could not indulge too much last night because I have to get to the studio to teach some pilates classes. WHAT?!?!? seriously life is too much! Life is funny you just never know what the day will bring you, let alone a WHOLE YEAR! Here is to a New Year. May it bring everyone the peace and change they wish and hope for.

2011 or bust!

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