Saturday, February 26, 2011

never thought this would be me

I used to get so aggro at people who just went away for long periods of time without blogging and now I am one of them. Wow I suck. Come to find out, opening up your own business takes up alot of time and energy. Things are going well at the studio and I am now finally able to pass on some classes to other instructors which gives me a more normal schedule, but when I am not there, I am at home still dealing with the phone calls, emails, and the occasional ass bag who calls to yell at me. Fun stuff.

In the meantime Bri and I have bought a house. Well we bought a plot of land that will eventually be a house and we are super excited to do it and will hopefully have a place to live come summer time. Its all good though.

I have to be honest. I have MAJOR triathlon envy. I am so jealous of my old teammates in SD who are about to head back to Hawaii for the lavaman, and ESPECIALLY for those who are going to get to train for a full ironman with the TEAM in New Zealand. I think that is probably the only way I would do a full IM is if it was with the support and guidance of the my TEAM.

In the meantime there was a small triathlon added to the area in Nahant. It is on the anniversary of my mom's passing so its a must. Since its a sprint tri and I have never done a mini TRI I am going to try to get some people to train with. The idea kicking around now is to field it out to some of my clients to see if they are interested. The only problem is I need a pool to train at and am PETRIFIED of masters classes because everytime I went in SD people got aggro with me cause I was too slow. Hey it takes a long time to pull these long lanky arms through the water!!!

I am hoping that if I get going training and set up a schedule of events to train for that I will start to feel a little more normal.

I do miss sharing some ridiculous life stories so here are a few:
-my husband who will remain nameless came home the other day and had an egg on his head. apparently he was in the shower and experienced an "aggressive sneeze" and slammed his head against the wall. WOW

-driving home after a super long day the other night I was in the left lane at a red light when an MBTA bus decided I was too close to him to make a right hand turn, but instead of waiting for the green light he instead honked at me before driving into my buggy and ripping off the right side of my car. Oh and then he made his turn and kept going. It was awesome. I think my car hates me at this point, first she is covered in snow every other day, then covered in soot from all the crap on the ground and now she is covered in black white and yellow from MBTA's finest!

So if I still have any readers left I apologize for going MIA and cannot guarantee I will be any good with this but I will try!

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AM-GoalsfortheWeek! said...

Hi there!
I sooooo hear you on the Lavaman envy!! We aren't going this year and I'm starting to have bigtime enjy over here!

Aw well, maybe next year for us both eh?

Lavaman is the best...;-)