Thursday, March 25, 2010

wah wah wah

We are here in Hawaii! I have to say when we landed into Oahu for our stop over I was blown away by all the colors of the ocean and could not wait to dive in! We had easy breezy flights and ended up in Kona on time and rented a Caddy for the week. It was one of Bri's classic "we may have spent a little more extra money for this" seeing as I thought we got the economy car. Oh well its our pretend honeymoon. My dad keeps telling us "not to skimp" so maybe i'll just send him the bill....

PS thanks to papa al for doggy and house sitting this week! I'm sure the dog will be about 5 pounds heavier than when we left and probably already forgot about us...stupid dog

Hawaii is AMAZING! It will be a shocker if I get back on that plane to go home. Although Kona is not what I expected. We have yet to leave the side we are on...(not sure which side that is) but it is mostly dried up lava which is hot and black AND we get to bike and run on on Sunday! But it is beautiful. Our hotel is amazing although it is huge and impossible to find your way around. I think we have probably walked 5 miles alone today just going from one spot to another.

Last night we went out to the Kona brewery with our team to celebrate my bday. It was so nice of all these people to fly to HI for my bday! Loved the beers and I think I will love them even more after the finish, as they are a sponsor of the race and you get 2 free beers when you finish. That should do it for me. Lightweight!

Not sure if it was the flight, or the fact that the liquor loosened me up thinking that my shoulder was better BUT I awoke last night around 3am and was literally in tears. I can't remember the last time I cried because of pain. Most likely the last time I threw my back out. I was hurting. I could not sleep, every position hurt and it was just a giant spasm. I woke Brian up with my whimpers. PITIFUL! I got up went to the ice machine and iced the hell out of my shoulder. This then resulted in my side of the bed getting completely soaked through so that was also wonderful. I woke up a few hours later and it felt normal (normal is now painful but a tolerable pain in which it is difficult to lift things and move normally).

I think I did the best possible thing I could have. I got up and went for a swim in the ocean. The bay we start at is called A-Bay (insert long Hawaiian name). It is calm, it is clear, it is gorgeous, it has tons of fishies and LOTS of turtles and is NOTHING like the water we have been training in. Not sure if it was all the above attributes but I did not notice my shoulder at all! YIPPEE!! I will be able to do the swim and get through it and that is all I can hope for!

We are off to pick up our bikes and then head back to the bay for a swim/run with the TEAM!

Then off to a nice dinner with my husband and hopefully plentiful amounts of food and desserts!
I will hold off on posting pictures so that none of you hate me too much!

Aloha from Hawaii!

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