Monday, March 22, 2010

messed up tan lines here i come

First off a picture of Brian and our teammate playing under water. Too bad I couldn't swim this week when it was clear and tranquil and fun!
Instead I swam both days last weekend and as a result messed up my rotator cuff amongst some other parts that I don't remember after todays Dr visit. I can hardly dress myself without lots of pain, driving is hard, and at times I kind of want to hurl due to the pain. It was feeling a little better on Sunday and I had a massage which also helped. Then today I was feeling like I should see the Dr. My friends all recommended a great chiropractor at Elite. They are strictly athlete kind of people which is my kind of place. I have been to Dr's who look at me and an injury and say "well just don't do it." Never what you want to hear a week before a race. And yes this is not the first time that an injury snuck up on me. I knew it was a good place when we could laugh at the fact that I wrote in an email to them that "a shoulder issue pooped up" instead of "a shoulder issue popped up!" goooooooooood stuff.
Anyways they were able to sneak me in very last minute, I literally ran out of work, drove a bout 90 the whole way and made it there in record time. The Dr did an evaluation and then did some Active Release Therapy...ART now I feel like a real triathlete! This reminded me of rolfing aka it was painful. I sucked it up though in the name of recovery. I will do anything if it means I will be injury free or pain free. Then he did some stim LOOOOOOOOVE that. Then he did some adjustments which were so gentle and then taped me up to look like a bionic woman.
I am hoping this helps. I know I will get through the swim, but I am pretty darn uncomfortable to say the least. Kind of wish I had some happy pills cause I feel a restless night coming up.
Okay enough of the negative stuff! I will soon be saying ALOHA to 31! And on the same day that I say Aloha to Hawaii! One more day of work to get through. I am staying clear of any children that may injure me more, but then again thats not really possible.....
I guess I am just going to have to kick ass on the bike and run to make up for the swim!!! Perhaps near 80 degree ocean water will bethe answer to all my prayers!!!
Next post will be coming to you from Hawaii!!!!
Thanks again to everyone for your support this training season!

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