Saturday, March 13, 2010

carmen electra

Okay so this week was a pretty successful one workout wise. Monday swim, Tuesday track workout, Wednesday sit on my ass, Thursday bike ride, Friday hill repeats running, Saturday practice tri! whoa nelly.

Okay so we got to the practice tri which was a sprint distance around 6am. We had the typical pre workout kinda stuff and off we went. The ocean was looking grim, it was brownish orangeish due to the sand they had to add to the ocean. Besides that there were giant waves. Not sure what was going on but it was the type of waves that all the surfers run out to ride. Not so much the type of sea that I rush out to swim in. Anyways we went in to "warm up" and I was not so much worried about the freezing temperatures as I was the ridiculous swells and currents. It took a bit to get out past the waves, and when we did we were being pushed around like crazy by the currents. I started to get pretty whoozy and was pretty much yelling for Brian to stay close. This is where it got ugly. I got tossed by a large wave. The type of wave where you are just begging to get another breath of fresh air. It scared the shit out of me but I tried to stay calm. I took in way too much water and when I came back up I was without goggles and without alot of pride, and full of puke. I threw up in the water pretty bad. At that point I kept getting wrecked with waves. I was "unresonsive" as Bri put it which scared him but at this point I could stand up so I just dragged my sorry ass to the shore.

Since this was just the warm up I decided that I had swallowed enough water and was pretty shooken up. I bowed out of the actual swim which was more of a try to get through the breakers and then get pushed back to shore. The kayakers who were supposed to be there to save our lives could not even make it out so everyone was on their own. On their own with the dolphins!

I shook it off and waited til I knew Brian was safe and we ran up for the transition. I am soooooooo slow getting out of that damn wetsuit. Thank goodness we don't have to wear them for Lavaman! I got on the bike and hammered out our bike course. It was just up the coast so nothing too crazy there. On the way back I thought there was tons of dirt flying. Turns out it was swarms of gnats. It was nasty. I was covered in them, they were stuck all over. I just ducked my head down hoping the helmet would shield me from eating them. EW!!

Had a nice quick transition to the run course and I was pretty pleased. I ran the 3 miles at or under a 9:30 pace. I even ran a sub 8 minute mile on the last leg of the run. I was pretty pleased with that. Brian did awesome and was pretty psyched to finish his first triathlon. He is going to kill it in Hawaii and is looking trim and slim. I am not even going to recognize him once he shaves his triathlon beard....

Tonight I went to a pole dancing class that my friend from the team was doing for a fundraiser. It was HILARIOUS. I wore 8 inch heels, stripper heels that is. We strutted, we did all the sultry moves and of course I made a mockery out of it any chance I could get. Turns out there are just some stripper moves that are not exactly made for lanky broads who were coming it at about 6'5". Made for some laughs thats for sure. Definately have to go back again for a GNO!

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LG said...

ummm yeah - we are definitely going to spend an evening with the poles some night :)

sorry about that swim - sounds horrendous - but it will make lava man seem like a workout in the kiddie pool.