Thursday, March 11, 2010

dna has been tested

Yes after watching Oprah the other day about dna testing I have determined that I am in fact part Kenyan. This is due to the fact that I ran my mile time trial a whole minute faster than my last one. While it is still nothing to brag about and most people can pull out a whole marathon at that pace, I am still pretty psyched. I ran it in 7:56. I find that I definately hold my self back on most occasions. Well on races I hold myself back, not so much in regular daily life situations. (I certainly did not hold myself back on todays bike ride. I didn't make it across the street while the cross walk sign was on cause my clip wouldn't work, so the car came cruising at me, so I did what any Bostonian would do. I flipped the jack ass off!) I may have flipped off someone, BUT I also decided I am going to throw the peace sign to all the people who are a bit more understanding on the road. Its more fun to flip the bird though. GFY guy in the white truck!
Okay so back to races and holding myself back. Yes I thought I was stuck in the slow poke marathon pace, and always wanted to finish races with that "oh yes I can't wait to do that again!" While that has been successful for me, this is a shorter race coming up and I am looking forward to not just going through the motions but to push my limits like I haven't done before.
I have to thank my coach for teaching me so much about pace and limits and feeling it, and not just looking down at my garmin. For the record I did not check the garmin at all, but instead just ran til I puked in my mouth. Good stuff!
We have our practice tri this weekend which I am totally psyched for! So many great things coming up! My dad gets here next week and then we will be in Hawaii within a week! WHOO HOO!!!! I hear the Kona winds are picking up so we'll see how that goes!


kristen said...

7:56 is AWESOME. I would love that pace. I'm right on the verge of it. Doesn't it blow your mind that there are people that run marathons at that pace. That's what I think when I run 400's. How the hell do they do it? Damn you genetics.

Totally understand flipping the bird, but I feel sorry for the next biker that he sees. Yikes. They're gonna get it even worse. What an asshole. (the truck driver - not you)

Jody said...

hahha yeah kristen my husband was the biker behind me! oops!