Tuesday, December 29, 2009

coast to coast

This week was quite a whirl wind per usual. Going home for the holidays feels more like being pimped out like a two dollar whore. In good travelling fashion I was sick the entire week which made travelling really fun and seriously cut into my plans. I guess you might as well be the person coughing the entire time on the plane rather than giving dirty looks to the "a-hole" who gets on a plane sick. Anyway I figured a quick recap with pictures would do more justice than my banter.

Flew in Saturday night right before Boston got about a foot of snow dumped on them. Fortunately I did not dig out our winter gear until AFTER my dad and apple shoveled.....hehe
My wonderful husband bought me two tickets to the New Kids concert and I had SO MUCH FUN! I did more damage to my throat but got nice and drunk with Kyla who hadnt seen them since she was 12. Lets just say, they still got it!


We sucked it up during the storm and went to the gym. This was the same day that my cough emerged. Really fun to swim while not being able to breathe!!!
I had a sleepover with Elizabeth and taught her to pleaye(not sure how the hell you spell that but it is a ballet move). She was way fun and we were surrounded by cute kids all week and no we still don't want any, but thanks for asking!!! Oh and I taught elizabeth to say "I need palm trees in my life" in the hopes that mom and dad or papa will take her to visit me soon.

Went to see santa and this dude seriously had me fooled.

Went to disney on ice with papa! I think I was just as mesmerized as she was.

Flew back through LA. The only thing that I said would make having to drive to and from LA besides saving a ton of money, was if we saw a famous person. As we were waiting for our bags Bri says "don't look now" which to me meant "SOMEONE FAMOUS DONT BE OBVIOUS. OH MY GOD WHO IS IT JT? DEBBIE? BRIT BRIT?" but no.....it was Toby from the show The Office. Still a fun thing but not as exciting as the others. Of course I had to go up to him. I think it is important to go up to famous people and tell them who they are in case they forgot "hey you're toby"
That was fun.

Now I continue to hack up lungs. I think I peed myself from coughing so hard at least 10 times this week and continue to do so. I finally went to the dr and he said its likely a bad chest cold that is triggering asthma. I have not had to use an inhaler in about 10 years and I am praying it does not spark a recurrence of asthma like when I was young. I am taking hits from the inhaler and hoping it helps. If it doesn't help in a few days I think they will put me on antibiotics. I went running sand intervals with the team since I only squeaked out a swim and a bike ride at the gym this week. It was hard. Turns out its kind of important to be able to breathe in order to run. I took it easy and tried not to talk too much. Some dumbass smartalleks were teasing me by running behind me mocking me. I told them I had a taser and wasnt afraid to use it. That was fun.
Our friends are in town for the rosebowl so we are going to be touring around sd this week! Yay to visitors! Next year I think we will petition early for christmas visitors. I must say it was quite nice to come home to 70 degree weather.

Happy belated Merry Christmas to all!!

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