Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thank you officer

So this week was filled with MANY workouts. I started to do a spin class with my bike and a trainer. Its basically a contraption that you put your bike on so it becomes like a stationary bike. I bought one a few years ago off craigslist. Turns out it sucks, I was leaning the whole time looking like I was about to fall off, and turns out I was about to fall off. So the wonderful professional triathlete that was coaching us told me not to do anything crazy on it. So I didn't. After class we did a strength class with one of their trainors, and it was like something from the biggest loser's last chance workout. So of course I got through it with lots of humor and grunts, but I did get through it. Wednesday night was another spin with my team and then a swim workout. We are swimming well over a mile so that is good. Even though it is California, it is dipping into the 40's at night. So right when we are finishing our swim, we get out into the cold air, and it is pretty comical to see everyone sprinting for their towels/hot tub/showers. So I was pretty much unable to move or sit down without grunting from being on the bike two days in a row. I am basically going to have a really sore ass for the next 5 months. I took Thursday off and did my run on Friday and was back at it on the bike this morning.
So last week I was awarded the "spirit" award from my team for my fundraising. I had to add something to a wheel and pass it on this week. I passed it on to my new friend Katie, and did a dedication to my mom and to one of my past honored heroes Lindsey who had open heart surgery this week because of complications from all her chemo she had the past 5 years. Anyhoo we took off for our 25 mile bike ride and it went very smooth. I had a good time and had fun chatting it up with Katie on our ride.
On my ride home is where it went a little south. I put my bike on the rack and must not have secured it enough. I was on the freeway singing, loudly, when I notice a cop behind me, when I take another look in my rearview mirror I noticed that my bike was not there, well it was there, but it was barely there. So for once in my life I was happy to see a cop behind me cause if it weren't for him I would no longer have a bike. And its a REALLY nice bike. So I made it over to the breakdown lane and the cop made sure I got there safely. My bike was literally hanging off the rack and was dragging by my back tire. Luckily I will only have to replace the tire. PHEW!!!
I drove home VERY slowly.

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Kim said...

jod - you are a workout queen!!! awesome job! and that's one sweet betty boop bike jersey!