Monday, February 9, 2009

The boot, babies and bdays

So last week was the Ellen show. Now while I was told that you should dance crazy before the show, because Ellen is watching, it was apparently not in the cards for me that day. I was so super excited because while waiting for the show to start I realized that not only Jen Aniston would be on but Stevie Wonder, who I have been pretty obsessed with since childhood was also a guest.

Anyways we got to our seats, second row right in front and center. I danced, kind of like Chris Farley/Elaine on Seinfeld, and the producer came over to me with a not so happy look on her face. I decided it would be a good time to ask if I could "dance over Ellen's table", she looked at me in dusgust and said "no, don't move, actually please sit down." She then came back over and made me and my 3 friends move. I was then unable to sit on the end as well. FUN VAC!!

Anyways it was fine because we had a great view from our new seats, and actually got quite a bit of face time when they actually aired the show. The best part of the show was definately the commercial breaks where dance offs ensued. At one point they started playing Stevie songs right before he came on, and asked if anyone knew the words. Of course I raised my hand and practically fell out of our aisle and tackled the man with the mic. I got to perform my best and most exciting karaoke performance yet. 300 people, walking up and down the Ellen aisles, and actually dedicated it to Stevie who was in the same room as I sang Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

It was awesome. The 5 hour ride home from LA in the pouring rain,,,,not so awesome.

I got home and ran right for the airport for my suprise flight home to Boston to see my friends and family. I got to see new babies and celebrate bdays. Even though it was a super short trip with really long flights, it was great to be able to just hang with my friends and laugh til I almost peed. Good times.

Possibly the best laugh of the weekend was Nana almost getting beat up because she keeps calling a female resident a man "here he is Mr. America" and the woman got so pissed and started to get physical. I had to separate them and pleaded with my Nana to stop calling her "him". She looked at me totally serious and says "well Jody, i'm sorry, she has very masculine features." Good lord!

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